I live near the ocean, and every time I walk on the beach, it looks different. The wind, the waves, birds and every thing else that comes in contact with the sand makes its impression. Big or small it has an impact. But in the end, it’s still sand.

And so as I live my life, every day I am also slightly different. Everything big or small has an impact on me. But in the end, I am still me.

No one, other than myself truly knows all of me. Family, friends and acquaintances all know parts of me. Some know more than others. Some think they know more then they really do. 

Seriously, can you think of any one person who if you were no longer here, could truly tell us everything about the real you? All of your thoughts and desires? The answer is no. We all have layers upon layers of thoughts and feelings. Some evolve, some change, and there are those feelings that stay with us for a lifetime. We have feelings that lie dormant until triggered by a memory, an experience…or an emotion. There are those thoughts and feelings we share….and those we keep to ourselves. I’m a complex person. Even I do not understand fully who I am. I’m an artist with my own unique style & genre, mostly women. I’m an author who enjoys writing erotic stories, many are from personal experiences.

I suppose it’s fair to say both are a reflection of who I am? To what degree I do not know.

More Random Thoughts

I vividly remember being abducted by extraterrestrials around the age of 12. It had a profound affect on me. Of course, no one believed me. Never the less, I wish I understood why?
I loved both of my wonderful parents. They were kind, good people. Their love was unconditional. We always felt loved & safe. But I resent that they never sat me down and tried to help me understand the complexities of adult life. I’ve made so many mistakes, trying to figure it out on my own.
In spite of everything, I’m more successful than most. I have been lucky financially and have never really struggled. I am very thankful for that.
I am a spritual person, choosing to believe we must be a part of something bigger. Something too complex to fully understand. I scoff at those who thank God or Jesus for everything. What is God? Who was the entity everyone calls Jesus? No one can really know.

Art & Books are like wine. Like what you like

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